Hire great people and give them freedom to be awesome.

Why we are good at what we do?

What matters more is why we will be the best at what we do.

We believe that a strong organizational culture is the key to success. Our culture is strong and it is built on openness, transparency and trust among our employees. We don’t believe in time cards and our financial matters are open for everyone inside the organization.

Decisions are made as individuals as well as a cohesive group which will take everyone’s point of view into account. All of our employees have the freedom to make decisions concerning the company as long as it will aim to the best outcome for the company.

Culture of

Our employees will receive a lot of freedom. This comes with responsibility and the demand of continuous ability to adapt and to learn more. We have a prevalent culture of challenging which reflects the ongoing challenging of our co-workers – nothing is given. This is how we can avoid mediocre quality in our work.

We aim to pick projects which drives us away from our comfort zone and learning more every time. We have heard that the beginning when you start working for us feels almost like a throw into the cold water. And there is no denial, our company culture is not suitable for all.  But for those who learn to swim, there is no looking back.


We have no supervisors – we work in teams varying from customer to customer. Some have more strategic approach and some of our employees concentrate more on producing creative content. Organizational structure without hierarchy brings a lot of flexibility and gives us opportunities to try out different products, services and even organizational models.

No hierarchy-policy is visible for all and we really mean it when we tell that our interns are not for bringing coffee or running around errands for the others. On the opposite, the interns we recruit will be involved with clients and cases straight away. As we don’t have excess middleman we can communicate and take action quickly and efficiently.